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Automotive Films

FormulaOne window film provides your vehicle with the best protection and warranty available in the window tinting market.

All of our tinting services carry a nationwide lifetime warranty on the materials and a satisfaction guarantee on our workmanship. All FormulaOne warranties are valid anywhere in the United States. If you move, simply call for a dealer in your area. Your tinting needs could not be placed in better hands.

Compare For Yourself!

Formula One Installation
Standard Installation/Other Companies
  • Most windows done in one piece; always less than others
  • Splices not usually necessary but if so, are not visible
  • Defogger lines are not altered
  • Film installed on entire visible area of window
  • Cleanest finished installation achievable
  • Special steps to eliminate upholstery contamination
  • Virtually haze-free at vehicle delivery
  • Curved windows done in many pieces
  • Splices usually very evident, at best
  • Defogger lines can be cut or damaged
  • Unfilmed edges, sometimes as wide as half inch or more
  • Air bubbles which one day might disappear
  • Patches of dirt and dust trapped under film
  • Hazy, cloudy appearance days and months afterwards

Take Comfort In The Warranty That Outperforms All The Others!

We'll make you the promise of a lifetime. Choose Formula One for your car, and we'll safeguard the automotive film that clearly outsmarts the sun, with the only warranty equipped to do it - the Formula One National Manufacturer's Warranty Program.

It's protection for life. Nothing less.

So, while the ultimate automotive film on the market today is clearly protecting you and your family from the damaging effects of ultra-violet rays, intense heat and glare as well as potential injury from flying glass, take comfort in our ultimate warranty - the Formula One National Manufacturer's Warranty. It's the best protection around.

Formula One Performance Automotive Film is sold with a lifetime warranty by the manufacturer, CP Films Inc., against cracking, crazing, demetallizing or delaminating when installed by an authorized Formula One dealer like L.A. Tint. In the event the product is found to be defective, it will be fully replaced at no charge to you.

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