Automotive Window Films



Curb Heat and Glare on Every Trip

The Northern Virginia sun can make your drive uncomfortable all year round, causing heat spots, glare and irregular temperatures. Even worse, its harmful UV rays enter through your windows, compromising your car’s interior and raising your own risk for sun damage. FormulaOne window film, installed by LA Tint in Manassas or Sterling, provides your vehicle with the ultimate protection and offers you the best warranty in the automotive window tinting market. Available in a variety of stylish shades and offering industry-leading performance, FormulaOne stands between you and the sun, blocking its rays from joining you on the ride. Plus, it adds an extra level of protection from flying glass in the event of an accident.


The Benefits of FormulaOne Window Tinting

  • Micro-thin, yet highly durable
  • Shields your car from the sun’s heat, which strains your AC
  • Eliminates irritating glare
  • Blocks 99% of harmful UV rays
  • Prevents interior damage, including cracking and fading
  • Offers a full line of hues, from transparent to dark charcoal
  • Provides an extra level of defense against break-ins
  • Backed by a lifetime manufacturer’s warranty and a satisfaction guarantee

Automotive Tint Visualizer

Try on some window tinting with our window film visualizer.

No matter which FormulaOne window tint product you choose, you can say goodbye to heat build-up and glare within your vehicle and ride more comfortably on even the hottest of days. For a free window film installation quote, contact LA Tint in Manassas or Sterling.