Higher Heat Rejection and Color Stability

Zander Ashley Silvervw CMYK Car Be more comfortable on every drive and give your air conditioner a needed break. The Comfort Series not only offers the classic look that catches your eye, but it also offers greater performance overall. Relax in cool, comfortable temperatures, no matter how vicious the sun gets. With a unique metal alloy bonded to a special dyed layer, the popular Comfort Series window tint gives you higher heat rejection and additional color options. In addition, since metal is impervious to fading, the sputtered metal/dye construction means the Comfort Series has even greater color stability than conventional dyed films for a stylish look that lasts.

Comfort Series Performance Data

Product U.V. Protection Heat Rejected Glare Reduced
Comfort 50 99% 34% 42%
Comfort 38 99% 42% 58%
Comfort 30 99% 50% 69%
Comfort 15 99% 61% 85%
Comfort 05 99% 64% 94%