Introducing Stratos -- The Next Generation of Window Tint has arrived !!

C2_fp02_zander_ashley_silvervw-CMYK-300x200.jpg Stratos Film GraphicFormulaOne Stratos auto tint with proprietary hybrid-matrix technology utilizes the most advanced non-metal technology for maximum heat rejection with no signal interference with you electronic devices.  You stay cool, comfortable and connected whether you are commuting or taking a weekend trip.  Available exclusively at LA Tint - Manassas.

Stratos Series Performance Data

Product U.V. Protection Heat Rejected Glare Reduced
Stratos 70 99.5% 48% 22%
Stratos 50 99.5% 52% 36%
Stratos 35 99.5% 59% 56%
Stratos 15 99.5% 63% 77%