Designed to Work with Today’s Automotive Electronics

F1P6 Rear view of a couple sitting in a car with their teenage son and daughter The unique technology utilized to produce the Pinnacle Series makes it the most state-of-the-art automotive film today. You get the stylish shades you’re after, plus maximum heat reduction, maximum UV rejection and excellent optical clarity. With the advanced electronic systems in today’s vehicles, it’s imperative that a window film allows optimum performance at all frequencies. Because Pinnacle window tint is non-metallized ceramic technology, you can use your GPS, keyless entry, radar detector, smartphone, and other electronics without interference.

Pinnacle Series Performance Data

Product U.V. Protection Heat Rejected Glare Reduced
Pinnacle 50 99.5% 49% 40%
Pinnacle 40 99.5% 53% 52%
Pinnacle 35 99.5% 54% 57%
Pinnacle 30 99.5% 57% 63%
Pinnacle 15 99.5% 61% 80%
Pinnacle 05 99.5% 65% 94%